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We are the Maxabby Group - Nancy and Rich living with four pugs -Abby, Tuko, Ozzy and Timmy and two cats - Tipper and Pheebee. All are rescues. Each with their own story. For now, 100% of the proceeds from our sales goes to help MN Midwest Pug Rescue and All Dog Rescue. That's right. We take nothing. We pay for our supplies on our own. We donate our time. If we were a larger group (which we hope to grow some day) other animal rescue groups would also get funds.

Why are we doing this? Because Max and Abby came into our lives when our daughter, Kristie, unexpectedly died (6/20/2006). Max passed away 6/13/2008. Abby and Max, rescued us. Now we want to help rescued animals find forever homes.

Midwest Pug Rescue - Minnesota Division

-- Pick a pug. Save a pug --

Midwest Pug Rescue - MN Division is a non-profit organization that "rescues and provides a safe and loving sancuary for abandoned, surrendered, stray, and neglected pugs" They are a volunteer organization that works to raise public awareness and help our homeless animals. They get funding solely through adoption fees and your donations.


All Dog Rescue

-- Finding Life-Long Homes for Rescued Dogs --

All Dog Rescue has been helping rescue dogs since 2007. This no-kill dog rescue is based in Minneapolis, MN and rescues dogs from the streets, individual surrender, and even from other shelters. This foster-based rescue program is completely volunteer and non-profit.


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